Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Learning GIMP

Tonight, I attempted to make a panorama of Nijo Castle from photos I took in Kyoto, Japan. Didn't quite work out how I was hoping because the camera did quite a bit of automatic color adjustment. And well, I didn't quite snap pictures at all the same angles... I scratched that project.

However, I did previously make one of my parents on vacation in St. Augustine, FL. It is technically a panorama of two images. Really, I just overlapped the two and "colored" my mom into the picture with my dad already sitting there.

Before: Mom and Dad in separate shots.

After: Overlaying of the two images. You can see the mismatch color of the siding and the upper right corner where I needed to shift Mom's image down a bit.

Resulting picture! After some cropping, I decided that I liked the photo best in black and white. It looks much more timeless.

So on a whim, I decided to play with GIMP's filters. I particularly like the "oilify" filter. It makes it feel like an oil painting. In this smaller photo, the effect is subtle, but on the full sized image, it feels much more pronounced. This is Mark and myself this Christmas in San Diego with Mark's sister Natalie's son Alex (Mark's nephew).

The same technique I used with my parents' picture above, I had done with other photos of Alex to achieve the Kim Anderson effect (mostly black and white with a few key color areas).

Super cute "colorfied" fire truck on Alex's shirt.

Blue, blue, blue... baby blue eyes. They are actually an electric blue. My camera did its auto color correction thing again.

And perhaps my favorite! Look that the cool denim overalls. This is Alex hanging on Uncle Mark's fingers at the beach! Alex is such a cutie; just look at that face.

I am hoping to be able to print, frame, and ship these soon. I have a set for Natalie and I have a set for my mom to do and I hope I can find the time in the next few weeks.


Christy said...

Fun stuff! Yeah - that auto color correction will give you trouble with panoramas. We had to shoot ours on manual so that it wouldn't happen. I definitely like Photoshop's panorama tool more than the one I downloaded for Gimp (it bends and blends the photos for you instead of just overlapping), but that's the only thing I've found preferable about Photoshop so far.
I love those pictures of little Alex-what a cutie :)

Kate said...

I probably would have been more sad about the panorama if it were a more compelling scene. When I was shooting it, I knew that it was an ok shot. Not sure great. Oh well. I will practice.

I don't think on my current camera that I can stop the auto color correction. I think it is time to move up to the Nikon D300.

:) Alex just doesn't take a bad picture!

PS. I am glad to see that you are loving your new camera!